Company Dissolutions

If the Company has ceased to trade and has no assets or liabilities, then you may apply to Companies House for the Company to be struck off the register. This procedure should be used as an alternative to formal insolvency procedure when this is appropriate.

Before the application is made to the Companies House, please ensure that the company:

  1. Has no ongoing legal or insolvency proceedings
  2. Has no administrative or Law of Property Act receivers in office
  3. Is not or could be subject to prosecution or disqualification
  4. Does not have a pension scheme that has not been finalised
  5. Has not changed its name, traded or disposed of any stock.

You should be aware that for six years after dissolution, a creditor could restore your company if they have a valid reason. A court order will be necessary to restore the company by declaring the original dissolution void and reinstating on it on Companies House register.


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